ZAKHAR BERKUT, a historical novel by Ivan Franko about the fight of the people of Tukhlia (a Carpathian village in the Skole Beskids) against the Mongol invasion. Written for the competition in Zoria (Star) magazine and first published in the same periodical in 1883. The novel has a subtitle: A Picture of Life in Thirteenth-Century Carpathian Ruthenia. It represents the writer's vision of an ideal social order based on equality, personal freedom and mutual help of all members of the community who unite to fight back the enemy. In Zakhar Berkut, the eponymous protagonist embodies intelligence, courage and responsibility.

The novel has several screen adaptations.

Fathers and brothers!

This day's victory is of great importance to us.

How did we win?

Was it only due to our weapons? No!

Was it then, our cleverness? No!

We won because of our communal order, our unity and friendship.

Remember this well!

So long as you live in a community order, remaining together in friendship, staunchly standing all for one and one for all, so long no enemy force will be able to defeat you. (translation by Mary Skrypnyk)