YAKIV (YATS) FRANKO (1802–1863), Ivan Franko's father, blacksmith from the village of Nahuievychi. A good and pious man – he gifted a Gospel in silver frame to the church in his native village and in honour of abolition of serfdom in Halychyna he forged a commemorative metal cross. He placed high hopes on the education of his firstborn son: the poet reminisced how his father, who was invited to school for best students award, cried when he heard his son's name announced first.

"With the people and for the people", that was Yakiv Franko's motto.

YOUTH, the spring of human life, the time of great strength and expectations.

Franko pinned his hopes on youth, saying,

"Work, young fellows, work hard and incessantly to improve yourselves! Gain knowledge, theoretical and practical, temper your will, make yourselves into serious, conscious and wealthy men, full of love for your people and able to express the love not in floods of noisy words but in hard quiet work."