QUESTIONS, the beginning of cognition – a form of thought and speech which foresees search for answers.

They say that curiosity is the start of intelligence.

Franko was extremely inquisitive. It is no wonder, as even the titles of his works are often questions – What is Socialism?, What is Solidarity?, What Unites Us and What Keeps Us Apart?, What is a Community and What Should it Be?, What is Progress? and others.

WHAT IS PROGRESS? is a historical and philosophical treatise, written in a simple and clear, dynamic and interesting manner similarly to a non-fiction work. This is the author's vision of the stages of historical development of mankind from the times immemorial until the early 20th century. "The worst wound of today's order" according to the author is inequality between the people while the stimuli for progress are "hunger and love", i.e. material and spiritual needs of a person.